2 Years of Startup Journey! Nothing Achieved?

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2 Years of Startup Journey! Nothing Achieved?

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Mukhammadyusuf Abdurakhimov
·Apr 11, 2022·

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The academic lyceum of Westminster International University is the best place to study, which annually accepts only 156 students out of a thousand. I had the honor of studying there for the last 2 years of high school. I have great friends, experience, education filled with unforgettable moments.

But right before the end of our lyceum, it was time for quarantine for COVID-19.

This is where my whole journey started.


I recognized the need for software for the educational market in my country, and with two of my friends, we launched a startup before graduation (online).

Educator.uz” is a platform to which I devoted the last 2 years of my life, a platform for exchanging paid and free online courses. I started my first year at one of our local universities, but as a graduate of a wonderful lyceum, I can't say: "I like the experience and the quality of education was good enough for me", so I decided to devote all my time to a startup where people could learn and share their knowledge and inspire each other.

In March 2021, we were delighted to receive a $5,000 scholarship for our startup from UNDP. It was our first prize as a startup team. Until now, we have been happy to serve thousands of students and high school students and even teachers.

During these 2 years of my life, I gained a lot of knowledge about how startups grow, how to communicate with teams, and I understood 3 things that can help a person succeed: education, experience and trust.

And now I'm ready for new challenges...

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